Concrete Removal Service Wisconsin

If you have cracks in your driveway or an uneven sidewalk, you may need to call for concrete removal service Wisconsin. It may be tempting to do the job on your own, but the challenge combined with the disposal fees would make it more of a hassle than hiring professionals to do the job for you. Determining what you need both from yourself and from the contractor is important, as this will ensure the job gets done correctly the first time.

Repair Or Remove

First, you need to determine whether you need to repair or remove the concrete. For simple things like thin cracks or sunken concrete, simple repair should be enough. For more complex damage, removal will be necessary.

Settled concrete may be caused by poor preparation, while frost heave is where the concrete has shifted due to ice in colder climates. Multiple cracks may require complete removal. Disposal of the concrete is cheaper if you have contractors who can take the concrete to a recycling area.

Otherwise the price varies, depending on how much concrete you have to dispose of, as well as your location. Disposing of a sidewalk or patio could cost about $400-$600, while a driveway will range from $1,500-$2,500, and a concrete foundation can end up costing you as much as $5,000. It’s food for thought if you want to do the job on your own.

Tools For Concrete Removal

Contractors use a variety of tools to get the job done. A Bobcat tractor with special attachments for breaking up the concrete will often be present, as well as a jackhammer. If you do intend to do it yourself, then you’ll need a few tools at your disposal.

Just like professionals, you’ll definitely want a jack hammer. These can be rented at Home Depot and other local rental stores. It’s advisable to speak to associates so that they can help you get the proper type for your particular problem.

You’ll also want a sledge hammer. It’s a simple tool, but it will be invaluable in your work. In addition, you’ll want to get safety material, such as goggles, work gloves, and steel-toed boots to protect your feet. A respirator is also recommended since so much dust will be in the air. Plastic sheeting is also useful to keep dust from getting all over the place. Finally, you’ll want a pry bar or shovel to help you pry loose particular concrete slabs. These tools are invaluable to the job.

Fortunately, after finishing the job, the concrete itself is recyclable. Most major metropolitan areas have a recycling center where the concrete will be crushed and used as parts of new cement. This keeps the concrete from simply taking up space in a landfill. You can find a local recycling area online.

If you do recycle the concrete, you will need to rent a dumpster to take it there. This is another expense to keep in mind when deciding if you want to perform it yourself. With the proper knowledge and tools, you’ll be able to have concrete removal services done when needed.

Go With A Professional

For all of your concrete removal service Wisconsin needs, call on Bob Mahoney. He will get the job done right the first time. With a large service area, Bob is happy to give you an estimate on any size job.b DIY projects can turn into disaster if you do not have the right know how, and also cost you more money.

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