Demolition Services Illinois

When starting a new project, there are few services as important as demolition. This is why it is important to research specifically which demolition services in Illinois are qualified to complete the job.  Below, we will cover many of the requirements you should consider before hiring a demolition contractor.

What to Consider When Hiring Contractors for Demolition


Before hiring anyone for any type of job, you want to get a list of references and their work experience. This information ensures that you select the right contractor for the job. During the interview process you can:

  • Ask for a list of references from past jobs and employers
  • Ask how the contractor handles complaints. (Like those of noise or dust)
  • Look at the amount of experience, level of training, licenses, and certifications the potential contractor and employees hold.
  • Consider past work experience in your area. This is important because your contractor would be familiar with your area, local building laws, requirements for your area, and what building materials are generally used.

History of Compliance

Look at your contractor’s performance with:

  • The pollution control agency
  • The agency for worker safety
  • Any agency responsible for licensing or accreditation of employees and contractors

It’s important to know if your potential contractor has any previous violations or citations for health and safety. Also, check into their history of any environmental issues. Every contractor that you interview should have the proper accreditations and licenses.


 When you hire a contractor, you are also responsible for any subcontractors and employees that they hire. Ask your contractor if you have any say over the people they hire.? Through the interview process, you should make sure your contract outlines your specific role with subcontractors. Making sure that subcontractors are mentioned in your paperwork protects you if issues come up during the project.

Avoiding Potential Conflicts of Interest

Projects are hard enough without having issues arise, and preparing for them helps minimize the damage. Ask the contractor you hire to go over the project, including assessing any environmental issues. For example, if there is asbestos on the location, your contractor can’t employ a company to do both the abatement and remediation. You should use two different companies to avoid this potential conflict of interest. Also, the contractor hired to evaluate environmental issues shouldn’t have a financial interest. If the person can profit from the recommended environmental work, then they won’t give an unbiased assessment.

Potential Oversights of Consultants and Contractors

 When hiring a demolition service in Illinois, you’re responsible for overseeing that the project abides by environmental regulations. Even if you’ve hired your own team of seasoned individuals, oversight is important. In doing so you:

  • Protect the community
  • Make sure the project is Environmentally Safe
  • Confirm you get the services that you’re paying for
  • Ensure that all work completed is up to code

You’ll need to ask yourself:

  • Is your team able to work with hazardous material, like removing lead paint or asbestos abatement?
  • Does your crew have the training and equipment necessary to enter finished spaces once the project is complete?

Asbestos Abatement

 The process of asbestos abatement can be completed in a short amount of time, and overseeing the process is important to set your community and stakeholders’ minds at ease. You can choose to hire a third party for oversight, but if you do this, make sure they are independent of contractors that you’ve hired.

These are some of the many ways to ensure that you hire the right demolition services Illinois. The process can be in depth, but by using this guide you can successfully create a plan of action.

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