Excavating Services in McHenry County, Illinois

Are you currently looking for excavating services in McHerny County or Walworth County? Construction can be an exciting process, but there are so many things that you need to handle. It can be easy to lose things among the details, which is why you need a professional to help facilitate the entire process. Where do you begin? If you are new to construction, or you’re on your hundredth project, you know that it can be difficult to get started. Finding the right company to handle the excavating is the first step in a successful project. The proper company will handle every aspect of clearing your area and hauling everything away. Many people that try excavating on their own find that renting the equipment, taking the time, and preforming the tasks is more expensive when handled without a contractor. Bob Mahoney Excavating excels at handling many different types of jobs, no matter the size or cost. Our mission is to get the job done correctly and safely. That’s why with any of our quotes, we give you our honest opinion, whether you choose us or not.

How can you select the right excavating company?

There are many things that you can do to ensure you select the right excavating company. Through our time in the industry, we have come up with the top questions you should be asking yourself before you hire any company. Remember, a simple mistake in your construction project can cost you time and money. Budget is one of the most important things in any project, so use our questions below as a guideline to select your excavating company.

Can I see your references?

Before you even think about hiring a company to complete your excavating project, you need to see their references. We’re past the days where you need to knock on doors and call relatives to get references for someone. Just preform a quick search online, and don’t always rely on what a company shows you. There are many companies that pay for reviews, and you need to make sure that you are receiving accurate information.

Are you insured?

Believe it or not, there are some companies that will provide you quotes with no insurance. Generally, these companies will offer you some low-ball quotes that might seem exciting. However, think about what would happen if someone got injured on your property. This person is not only going to sue their company, they will sue you as well. You are liable since you hired the crew to begin with. There really is no benefit to hiring a company that doesn’t have insurance. Make sure that everything is up to date before you hire.

Can I have a quote?

Many excavating services will provide you with a quote free of charge. You get to see the face of the person you will be working with, and you’ll get to hear their opinion of your project. This is the perfect time to decide whether you could see yourself working with this person in the future.

At Bob Mahoney Excavating we provide a free quote along with our expert opinion. Contact us today to see the vision that we have for your project.