Land Clearing – Walworth County Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and McHenry County, Illinois

Mahoney Excavating, Inc. specializes in many different types of services and one of our most requested is land clearing. When purchasing a property, you will often find that the layout needs some work. In fact, many homeowners purchase their homes despite the condition of the yard and surrounding land. Whether you are in a commercial, residential, or industrial property, we can use our highly skilled staff to clear your land. We operate in numerous counties in Illinois as well as Wisconsin, including Walworth County Lake Geneva, Wisconsin and McHenry County, Illinois. Unlike other construction companies, we have equipment that is specifically designed to clear land effectively. All our services are completed with the proper equipment, to ensure that your project is completed perfectly.

Why should you choose us?

The first word that comes to mind is: experience. We have been in business for decades and use this knowledge to approach your property with professionalism and a plan of action. We understand that many of our customers buy property with the dreams of having their property laid out in a certain way. Whether you’re looking to add a pond, barn, driveway, or your house, we can help. We create a plan from the very beginning to set your dreams in motion. Having a contractor that can visualize the future of your land with you is incredibly important. We know how important your vision is, and we treat your project like it is our own.

Our owner, Bob Mahoney, makes a point to come to your property to give you a personal quote. We have a personalized approach, as well as helpful information. We try to give insight to your construction, and we won’t make you false promises to gather your business. Our approach is an honest approach. If you choose not to use our services, we at least know that you’ve heard valuable information through our quote. Many companies will tell you what you want to hear, and we will tell you the accurate view for the plans of your land. The best part about our personalized quotes, is that they are absolutely free!

What goes into clearing land?

There is a three-part approach to Mahoney’s clearing your land:

First, we will remove any underbrush that is on the property. You can’t have a level foundation if your soil is riddled with stumps and other vegetation. Our initial step is to remove these obstacles from your path. If you pour a foundation over vegetation, it will decompose and compromise your structure. You want your foundation to be strong, which requires a cleared base level of soil.

Second, we remove the stumps. We can leave trees on your property, but we’ll remove those that are standing in the way of your future building. Then, finally, we will remove the rest of your unwanted debris. Every single stick, root, and vegetation will be removed.


When you are looking for land clearing services, you should rely on the expertise of Bob Mahoney Excavating, Inc. We want to help you clear you land! Contact us today, for your free quote.