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We are a full service excavating company, specializing in Residential ExcavationCommercial Excavation and Agricultural Excavating Services in the Woodstock area for over 23 years. Providing only the highest quality of work – done right the first time.

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Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. proudly serves the Woodstock area and provides exceptional customer service to ensure complete customer satisfaction on every job. We are committed to completing every project on time and on budget. Dedicated to provide a higher standard of quality, safety and performance contact us for all of your excavating and the demolition needs. We do it all from start to finish.

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Woodstock Land Clearing Services

Mahoney Excavating,  Inc is who you call when you need a highly skilled,  professional land clearing team. We offer commercial,  industrial and residential land clearing services. We are based out of Richmond IL, just north of McHenry IL and we offer site preparation and land clearing throughout McHenry County, Lake County, Boone County and Northern Cook County in Illinois. Also serving Kenosha County & Walworth County in Southern Wisconsin. Our specialized land clearing equipment allows us to perform the task at hand without sacrificing time,  effort or accuracy. Check out our other grading, excavation and demolition services sections to learn more about what we do, and then give us a call to discuss exactly what we can do for you.

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Land Clearing, Demolition,
Grading & Excavating Services

Picking the right placement for your house, garage, barn, driveway, pond, and anything else are important components to having a beautiful property with everything you want properly designed and executed. Bob Mahoney Excavating’s land clearing services helps provide clear goals conceptualizing the design and our staff is very creative and gives every element of your property and land clearing project a lot of thought.

Owner Bob Mahoney will come to your property to give you a quote along with a lot of very helpful informative information that is critical for you and your new home site. If for any reason you decide not to choose us for your upcoming project, Bob at least has the satisfaction of knowing that he was able to help provide useful information and offer advice, free of charge.

Woodstock Land Clearing Process

Remove Underbrush:

It is important for all the stumps and vegetation to be removed. You don’t want these root balls to be under your pad. They will eventually decompose and create a void under your slab, compromising the structural integrity of your house.

Remove Unwanted Tree Stumps:

Most clearing contractors do not take careful consideration of the trees that will remain. These can easily be damaged. But, with Bob Mahoney Excavating’s years of experience in the tree service business, our staff will eliminate damaging the most important trees — the trees that will surround your house that you want to keep.

Remove unwanted Debris:

We make sure all sticks, roots, and any other type of large vegetation has been removed. To discuss how to clear your land, contact Bob Mahoney Excavating, Inc. at 847-489-3153. It’s what we do!

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Woodstock Land Grading Services:

Site grading is an essential part of building a foundation for your new home or commercial building. Proper grading will improve drainage around the building to prevent basement flooding or other damage. It also creates a basis for foundations and other things such as decks, patios, parking lots and driveways. Bob Mahoney land grading services are also used to improve access around your project and to provide space to accommodate gardens, future landscaping and other exterior decor. With our trained professionals and high quality land grading equipment we guarantee that we will grade your property landscape in a timely manner and it will serve its purpose and improve the look and efficiency of your home.

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Bob Mahoney Excavating, Inc.
Land Clearing & Grading Services

Land grading and compaction services typically follows demolition, hauling & project completion. Our team an equipment will ensure proper compaction at the required proposed grades. It is often referred to as earthwork, site development or simply grading.

Our team and equipment at Bob Mahoney excavating company. will ensure completion of the site in a timely manner and provides land grading services throughout Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin. If you are looking for a quote on grading your property in McHenry County, Lake, Boone and Northern Cook County in Illinois, call a land grading specialist today at 847-489-3153. We also provide grading, excavating services, demolition and site development in Kenosha County & Walworth County in Southern Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Land Grading Questions:

Do I Need Landscape Grading For My Yard?

If water does not drain properly away from your home,  or if you are building a structure or creating new landscape elements,  grading is necessary to prepare the land for your project. Grading should be completed by a professional contractor with the skills and equipment to make changes appropriate for your project and soil type.

What Are the Benefits of Landscape Grading?

Landscape grading can improve drainage around your home to prevent basement flooding and structural damage,  and provides the essential basis for foundations,  decks,  patios,  and driveways. Grading can also be used to sculpt the landscape around your home to improve access,  accommodate gardens and plantings,  and create visual interest.

How Much of My Yard Requires Landscape Grading?

The extent of grading needed depends on the project at hand. Correcting drainage issues may only require work on one or two sides of your house,  while preparing for a new structure,  driveway,  or landscape alterations may involve a large portion of your yard.

What Types of Landscape Grading Can Be Used?

Grading can serve a number of purposes for your yard and home,  but the primary goals of landscape grading are to remove,  add,  or relocate material for a specific purpose. Projects that involve removing material may include digging for a foundation,  pool or pond,  while material may be added for drainage,  driveway,  and landscaping projects. All grading jobs require relocating some material,  but site leveling is a common project that involves moving existing material.

How Long Does a Landscape Grading Service Take?

The type and size of your grading project will influence the amount of time needed for it. Most small-scale drainage and landscaping jobs can be completed within a few days,  while foundation or pool preparation,  driveways,  and substantial landscaping changes may take a week or more.

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Site Development & Excavation

Bob Mahoney Excavating, Inc. operates a modern fleet of machinery related to excavation and compaction equipment which performs site development related construction throughout the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The site development projects we undertake range from smaller commercial sites to large industrial developments involving the relocation of hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of material.  Our site development equipment operators are vastly experienced and have the ability to operate all forms of equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Bob Mahoney Excavating’s goal is to ensure the accurate construction of the finished project in accordance with the project requirements.

How Do We Determine Site Development Costs?

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Woodstock IL Excavation Services – Grading
Land Clearing, Demolition & Site Development

We offer builders, commercial developers and homeowners alike the same committed advice, leadership and experience to get the job done on time and on budget. No project too large, no job too small.

Call us today at 847-489-3153 to request a free estimate and evaluation of your site development project.

One of the most important aspects of urban development is ensuring a firm foundation in which to build upon – not only for the buildings and structures which will be built, but to the surrounding land as well which also provide support. The Site Development & Excavation team at Bob Mahoney Excavating understands how important it is to create stability when developing property into commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal use. We examine each project thoroughly to assure our client’s dreams will stand for years after completion.

Free Site Development Estimates and Project Quote

Bob Mahoney excavating company has been providing Woodstock excavating servicesWoodstock land clearing services, Woodstock site development as well as Demolition in Woodstock, IL and the surrounding areas for over 23 years. We service Northern Illinois as well as Southern Wisconsin including McHenry County, Lake County, Boone County and Northern Cook County in Illinois and Kenosha County & Walworth County in Wisconsin.

Demolition Experience to Get Your Job Done Right.

Bob Mahoney excavating company is a full-service demolition company serving Woodstock, Illinois. We have the right machinery to succeed in the the demolition of both Commercial and Residential properties. We specialize in projects including excavation, complete demolition and site work, on-site concrete removal, hauling, grading, an emergency demolition services.

Woodstock Commercial Demolition Services

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Wodstock Illinois Excavating Services

Our Demolition and Excavating services are sure to get the job done right! We provide commercial demolition and clean up.  From demolition to clearing out and cleaning up, call Bob Mahoney excavating company and consider it done.

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Corporate Offices

Woodstock Residential Demolition Services

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Woodstock Demolition Services

Not only do we service commercial demolition with the highest measures of safety, but we also can assist you with our Residential Demolition services as well. We know all residential demolition projects are different and we meet with you in person to plan the project step by step with the care and personal precision that has made us a trusted demolition company in the McHenry County, Lake County & Cook County area.

  • Single Family Homes
  • Multi-Family Buildings
  • Basement Excavation
  • Barns, Sheds, Silos

Need a trusted demolition contractor or local excavating company near Woodstock, IL?

Whether you are looking for Excavating Services, Demolition Work, Concrete Removal or Land Clearing, look no further than the professionals at Bob Mahoney Excavating in Richmond, IL when searching for an excavating company.

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